Executive Coaching

Carolyn’s approach is what executives crave: direct, intuitive, honest and compassionate. An insightful observer of human behavior, Carolyn quickly gets to the heart of the matter and gives leaders new skills and techniques they can put to work immediately.

Leadership and Communication

Carolyn works with her clients to create an ethical and motivating channel for influence and leadership effectiveness by shaping interpersonal skills into a competitive advantage that drives results and accountability. Leadership coaching focuses on:

  • Board Relations
  • Building a thriving culture
  • Working with Founders
  • Motivating a Team
  • Communicating a vision
  • Recruiting top talent
  • Effective public speaking and presentations skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Customer Relationships

Team Building

Carolyn coaches her clients on building trust and collaboration, leading to more effective, aligned and high performing teams. In addition, her experience as an executive recruiter allows her to go deeper into the weeds of creating a successful team by:

  • Assessing the expertise within an organization against similar organizations
  • Identify lacking experience within an organization and create a plan to best support and build out that experience
  • Establishing and executing human capital goals and strategies to build a world-class team
  • Identify the silent superstars within an organization and create strategies that support them in achieving their greatest potential


The transition coaching Carolyn does is all about finding your “what’s next”. That usually involves ones desire to get promoted, move to another department within their organization or even change industries. Carolyn has many years of experience shifting through people’s backgrounds to find those golden nuggets of experience (sometimes not even found in their day-to-day roles and career experiences) and position them as assets in advancing their careers.  Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, Carolyn works with her clients to remove unconscious internal roadblocks, which often times is the only thing holding them back from greatness.