Carolyn Carpeneti is a high-energy, fearless entrepreneur, having started 3 successful companies with nothing more than an idea. Carolyn’s unconventional route to business success has been a result of her tenacious, innovative and resourceful approach to problem solving. Utilizing creative intelligence and determination, she has built thriving businesses in executive coaching and recruiting, educational web services, PR and event production, and fundraising. Her background includes being an:

  • Executive Recruiter: Carolyn has become an invaluable partner for startup to Fortune 500 companies. Carolyn’s operational experience and keen insights take her beyond the surface of a company providing an insightful view into her client’s human capital needs. Carolyn’s strong intuition and hyper focus on understanding the culture of the companies she works with, takes the recruiting process to a much deeper level. From there, Carolyn’s been known to recruit the un-recruitable.
  • Startup Entrepreneur: As founder and CEO of CoPilot, an educational web services startup, she raised $800,000 in seed capital, built a top-tier team, launched a successful beta and product into the marketplace.
  • Executive Coaching: Carolyn has worked with hundreds of executives in environments of rapid change, growth and innovation.  She coaches CEO’s on how to articulate and execute their vision so they can recruit top talent and positively increate their influence across their organization. She also coaches executives advancing and/or transitioning in their career.

Carolyn is also the author of Taking Flight, a book inspired by her son.